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Stephanie Spoke at the ATD International Conference and Exposition.

Engaging Storytelling Techniques to Captivate Every Audience

 May 6, 2018 | San Diego, CA

Attendees learned to:
    Identify optimal opportunities to integrate stories into training content.
    Craft compelling stories that form connections between the facilitator and the learner.

Stephanie Spoke for Metro DC ATD.

It Starts with You: Accountability Strategies that Boost Your Performance

 September 8, 2017 | Online Presentation

Attendees learned to:
    Describe what it means to be accountable to ourselves and our colleagues
    Identify key strategies to push ourselves, engage our networks, and even prompt colleagues to put their best foot forward

Stephanie Spoke for Metro DC ATD.

Challenge Accepted: Design your Evaluation Plan

 August 29, 2017 | Arlington, VA

Attendees learned to:
    Design an effective evaluation plan that moves beyond level 1 evaluations
    Identify components that can inform and improve an evaluation plan

Stephanie Spoke for 21st Century Community.

Develop and Implement Your Leadership Skills

 July 26, 2017 & August 1, 2017 | Online Presentation

Attendees learned to:
    Express why personal leadership skills are critical
    Identify authentic leadership strategies to implement

Stephanie Spoke at ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference.

Revolutionize Education and Training with Social Learning

 March 6, 2017 | Orlando, FL

Attendees learned to:
    Explain the value of social learning as a strategy to enhance training development
    Construct a social learning strategy to implement into their training plans
    Select the tools, resources, and engagement strategies necessary to build and manage a learning community




Funky Thinkers Interview

Stephanie had a terrific conversation with host Jonathan Senior about upcoming training trends and why travel can make us better employees and colleagues.


Quit Bleeping Around Superachiever Interview

Stephanie loved talking with Quit Bleeping Around host Christina Eanes about training, traveling, and how to get more done effectively.