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The Business of Vacation: Recharge Yourself. Recharge Your Workplace.


When it comes to recruiting, motivating, and retaining employees, vacation time is among the best tools you have; in fact, vacation time is the second most important predictor of employee satisfaction. Employees who take vacations report feeling more innovative, more productive, and more engaged when they return to the office, and 84% of managers report their team is more creative and more focused when they use their paid time off.

Vacation time is valued by and beneficial for employees, but in 2017 more than 700 million vacation days went unused in the USA. Even worse, almost half of people who took a vacation reported feeling guilty for taking paid time off. With fears of disappointing a boss or colleagues, missing deadlines, and appearing uncommitted, workers are more inclined than ever to forego time off in favor of more time in the office. Without time to relax and engage away from the workplace, we become not disconnected from work but disconnected from the perspectives and experiences that help us create, achieve, and focus.

If you want an innovative, productive, engaged company, you need to foster a vacation culture. To foster a vacation culture, you need the Business of Vacation™ Workshop.

The Business of Vacation is an engaging, interactive workshop that enables companies to revisit and reimagine their vacation culture. By exploring the health, social, and creative benefits associated with vacations, we take a strategic look at how vacations benefit individuals, teams, and the company.

We partner with organizations who want to build a culture of paid time off by offering customized workshops that educate and inspire people to make the most of their vacation benefits. We get to know each company—their people, their mission and vision, and their challenges—and personalize our existing curriculum to reflect what makes the company unique. Each workshop is delivered in-person or online; we bring a half-day or full-day of productive conversation, learning, and fun right to you!

  Perfect for:
Human resources, teams of all sizes, entire companies

Organizational Culture | Change Management | Employee Benefits

1 hour, 2 hours, or 4 hours. 8 hours (1 day) is also available

In-person or Online


  What you will learn to do:

  • Eliminate employee burnout and high employee turnover
  • Educate employees on strategic ways to use paid time off
  • Seek ideas for linking employee time off to business goals
  • Promote employee health and overall well-being


Hear about the Business of Vacation Workshops

Stephanie appeared on the The GoodPractice Podcast to share some ways organizations can foster a work-life balance culture. Listen to discover some ways taking time off can improve your performance at work.



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