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Training Strategies

Won’t You Be My Trainer:
Practical Lessons Learned from America’s Favorite Neighbor


The name Mr. Rogers is synonymous with learning. Millions of people grew up watching the TV show “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood,” delighting in how its gentle host used stories, dialogue, interaction, and kindness to inspire children and adults alike to change the world. Mr. Rogers employed simple yet powerful techniques to create memorable lessons that have stayed with people for generations, and there are some remarkable parallels between his goals and those talent development professionals have when they design and develop training. After all, trainers would love for their words to be remembered, taught, and shared with learners long after the formal learning event is over.

Won’t You Be My Trainer looks at the messages and wisdom Mr. Rogers shared and provides ideas and tips to help you use his lessons to elevate your own instructional design and delivery practices. By exploring Mr. Rogers’ work and legacy, you and your team will be able to adapt and integrate these strategies into your own trainings as you strive to make every learner interaction uplifting and unforgettable— regardless of content.

  Perfect for:
Training teams (instructional designers, facilitators, managers)

Training Delivery | Instructional Design | Program Management

1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours

In-person, online (1 hour only)


  What you will learn to do:

  • Select and integrate strategies that strengthen successful training events
  • Identify key concepts that contribute to memorable learning opportunities
  • Develop and deliver training sessions that will engage learners